“Our nutrition and detox products synergize the technology of the New You Program.  They can also be utilized without the technology of the New You Program, but the results will be less dramatic.  If you are on a budget but want help with weight loss, we recommend you start with the nutrition and products.  If you have a little more to spend, or can finance through Care Credit, you will love the complete New You Program.  We want to help you succeed, and it doesn’t matter where you start.  Success is found in small simple decisions that add up

Our nutrition and Detox:

The Smart Mix is made up of the most nutritious plant on earth, Moringa Oleifera.  As a matter of fact, google “what is the most nutritious plant in the world?”  Google will bring up Moringa Oleifera.  It is a plant that is full of potent nutrition, 92 verifiable nutrients.  It also has the full complement of proteins your body needs to make healthy cells.  Looking for omega 3 oils?  Omega 9 fats?  These are in there.  Are you looking for the vitamins and minerals your body needs daily?  It’s in there.  Smart Mix is also formulated to help the gut become healthier and improve digestion.

Our AM pill is formulated with an adaptogenic herb called rhodiola.  This herb is known for it’s ability to lift the mood and focus the mind.  It also helps decrease the cravings for sugar, starches and junk foods.

Our PM pill is formulated with Ashwaghanda, which is known to help the body handle stress better.  In this day and age, we all could use some help handling stress better.  Many find it helps promote deeper sleep at night.  It also, helps decrease night time snacking.

Our Premium “Detox” tea is a great aid in weight loss.  We often say the tea is the key to weight loss.  It is definitely a key component.  This unique tea is filled with herbs that bind to toxins throughout the body’s system.  Please use this tea as directed.  It is meant to be a gentle cleanse.

Need a bit more energy, focus and appetite suppression…….XM 3 capsules may be for you or XM Burn capsules

Want nutrition and energy and focus?  XM Plus is the nutrition for this…..moringa plus ginseng and desert tea for natural energy