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“New You Body Sculpting is a weight loss program that combines the best technology with the best nutrition and detox to get you real results. With our technology, we are able to target the areas of the body you want to target. Our nutrition and detox help to nourish the body, so that you don’t experience the cravings for junk food. Our program is for the young and aged alike. It is also for all fitness levels. Guys enjoy the targeting of the abs and chest, while ladies enjoy the targeting of their trouble spots. We have had top athletes participate and we have had people who have injuries and must be careful with exercise participate. Both have gotten results with this program. New You fulfills a need for people to get results in their health and weight loss.
There are options! Come in for a nutrition consult and our zyto scan technology. Some people choose to start with our nutrition and detox products. Others decide to take the plunge and jump into the full New You program. We are here to help you get results wherever you want to start.
Call us for a free consultation Marion 618-998-9333 and Murphysboro 618-684-3344
For more information check out our Callie on the Job video.
Success Stories & Testimonials

It’s only been a few months since I’ve been going to MCC & I’m so grateful for the care they have provided me. My headaches have lessen, my pain management reduced. Not there yet, but well on my way. I’ve started the “New You” Program 4 weeks ago & I’m happy to say that not only can I wear my “not so skinny jeans,” I’m down a pant size. My stomach is much flatter and my turkey neck is almost all gone. Thank you, Dr. Bobbie, for introducing the program to me. I look forward to my sessions. It really really really works!!!! The staff at MCC rock!

Chilang L.
  • My experience with the Murphysboro Chiropractic Center has been nothing short of wonderful. Dr. Bobbie, Dr. Jason and Emily are so professional, caring, warm and welcoming. I’ve never had to wait past my appointment time, yet have never felt rushed during a procedure. They take the time to answer all questions and listen intently to your concerns. I highly recommend them!

    Carrie Cavaness
  • The best place for chiropractic care and a great massage.

    Lisa Derouin
  • I was in extreme pain and they all were such a help! I wouldn’t hesitate to go back! If your in need of a chiropractor, I recommend murphysboro chiropractor. Dr Jason is very knowledgeable and was a great help! Thank you!

    Jeremy Rennison
  • I love the wonderful staff at Murphysboro Chiropractic. They are always so friendly and kind. I have suffered from severe headaches for a while now and since I have been seeing Dr.Bobbie I have been having fewer and fewer headaches! They are wonderful!!!

    Maribeth Trexler
  • I drive from St. Louis to go to Murphysboro Chiropractic. A friend told me about this place and I have had nothing but an amazing experience every time. Patient and knowledgeable, as well as very caring.

    Amber Klear
  • I was in a wreck about a month ago an I was told I needed to see a chiropractor an get a massage to help me get lined back out. I was very reluctant to go because I didn’t have very good results from other chiropractors. I must say that from the moment you walk in to the clinic you are greeted an treated like you are there only patient. Everyone is so nice an friendly, they really care about you an how you are feeling. I would recommend Dr. Jason & Phillip the massage therapist to anyone. They are great. If you are looking for a good chiropractor then look no further.

    Tammy Nicholson
  • I recently went in to see Dr. Bobbie at Murphysboro Chiropractic as I was having continual pain in my left hip and some numbness in my left hand. After taking x-ray’s, Dr. Bobbie adjusted my lower back and my neck. After seeing more than dozen different chiropractors over the years in several different states, I’m always very hesitant to have my neck adjusted as several have been too aggressive and it was very painful, literally taking my breath away and practically felt sick afterward. It got to the point where I refuse to go to a Chiropractor for neck pain until the pain would get to a 9 or a 10 before I would go in. In addition, the others would focus on just one area of the back at a time, so I would have to come back multiple times. Dr. Bobbie was much different. She was very conscientious of some recent lifestyle changes that I made and had suggestions for me to help keep my back in place. My posture and some activities I was performing were contributing to the pain, when she adjusted my neck she was incredibly gentle and effective. It’s been more than a month now of being pain free in my hip and neck with no more numbness running down my hand. I can’t recommend her high enough; she is a great Chiropractor and a great person. Thank you Dr. Bobbie.

    Greg Cottom
  • A big thank you goes to the staff at MCC they are great they go above and beyond to help.I have seen Dr Jason for years for back pain,neck pain and headaches. For the past year I have started also seeing Phillip for a massage and then have an adjustment. They have helped me so much. Its great to know just give the office a call and they will get you in. Don’t know what I would do with out them!

    Barbara Krause
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